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SINOTECH HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED is a diversified holding company registered in Hong Kong. SINOTECH is self-operated businesses. Driven by a series of industrial investments, the company has gradually developed into an influential, industrial-focused enterprise group in mainland China.

Under SINOTECH HOLDINGS there are six business areas, including industries, medical, home appliances, new technology, solar system and transportation, seven key strategic business units.

Since the advent of the 21th century, SINOTECH HOLDINGS has been striving to capture the historical opportunities arising from China’s economic takeoff, and has maintained rapid growth for more than a decade, effectively achieving its grand strategy vision of “Recreating SINOTECH”for a second time. SINOTECH HOLDINGS has built a strong industrial foundation, and significantly increased its overall competitive strength. The enterprise has entered a new phase of development.

In future, SINOTECH HOLDINGS will continue to excel at this new starting point, achieving better performance in order to generate stable returns to shareholders and contribute to society.

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